Today I am spending the day with my father. For some reason, this only seems to happen when a real estate hunt is involved, though that won’t be the only focus. Apparently he is also taking me shopping. This is something that has never happened and I am most perplexed by it. It is so unorthodox I’m genuinely terrified he is going to spring a cancer announcement on me. That’s dark but it’s a legitimate concern.

I don’t fully understand why my getting married has turned him so. He told Joey that I had somehow inspired him just by loving everyone in my life so much. I don’t feel like I’m remotely worthy of that description, much as I aspire to it. Still, he said that it made him want to be a good father (something that hadn’t occurred before…??), so I am trying not to focus too hard on the how and why.

The other day I politely asked him to communicate better about planning and he WAS EXTREMELY RECEPTIVE AND NICE ABOUT IT. I literally had to text Joey because I did not know what to do with all the shock I felt.

It’s a brave new world.